Tuesday, September 04, 2007

We Have Been Remiss

It's been a while since we've posted anything of substance on here, and for that, we (I, Dave) apologize. It's not that nothing has been going on, it's just that. . . . maybe we're too busy, or on a summer "break" or whatever.

So with that being said, time to catch-up.

In late July/early August, we spent a week at a big house in the Canaan Valley of West Virginia with my brothers and their families, and my parents. Between the six or so digital cameras there, we got a lot of pictures of us swimming, rafting, caving, cooking, eating, hot-tubbing, playing, and reading. Here are a few:


Roth Bros. Inc.

The Women in My Life


Me and T at the Falls

Duck Brown at the Falls

For a look at 50+ pictures from the trip, visit www.zooomr.com and use the search term RothVacation07. Or follow this link.

After a week at home, working, for Jennifer and me, and a week in Pennsylvania for T and Z, we finally got to go to someone else's Pig Pickin'! This one was to celebrate Anika Kreider's 1st Birthday. . . more or less.

Birthday Girl

Have Her Cake

After the pickin', we headed back to the coast, making another weekend trip to the ocean; Fort Macon beach again.

T Sea

A Long Day at the Beach

A few more "normal" days at home and the pool, and it was back to school time.


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