Monday, September 01, 2008

Another Beach Weekend

I know I said I'd talk about travel gear in my next post, but since I'm taking so long to do that, I figured I'd get this in before it got too stale.

We went down to the coast a few weekends ago for a typical beach weekend for us; leave work Friday, go to the beach Saturday and/or Sunday, drive home Sunday afternoon.. We ate at The Steak Barn in Kinston on the way down. No need to go back there a second time. It's the kind of place my mom would've liked; everyone in there was her age or older, and they had good pie. Other than that, it was very unimpressive. We'd passed this place a million times, and it's pretty cool looking on the outside, but the enchantment stops there. Oh well, now we know. Next time: The Beef and the Baron.

Saturday, the beach. Atlantic Beach still hasn't worked out their parking issues, so it was back to Fort Macon State Park again. I didn't bring anything valuable to lose in the surf this time.


Roll With It

Wave Action

And since Flickr now hosts videos, here is one:

Dinner was takeout from Sanitary Fish Market, which is always good.

Sunday the kids went fishing with Laura and Graham. They did a pretty good job with their Scooby-Doo and Barbie fishing rods and reals, catching some puppy drum in no time.

Jennifer and I drove back home while the kids stayed down at the coast for the week, doing some more fishing and discovering that they really like golf!


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