Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bits, Random

It's been a long time since we've posted anything new here, and rather than waiting to do a proper write-up of everything I could possibly post here, I'm just going to make a Brunswick Stew of sorts with the events of the past few months.

Now, where was I. . .


It was our year to not travel to Pennsylvania at Christmas. We also did not travel to Barcelona like we had been planning, due mostly to government bureaucracy in Jennifer getting her automatic raise for the degree she completed five months prior. We did get a lot of sleep though, so that was nice.

And I finally replaced my Canon 40D DSLR that was stolen out of an Avis rental car at the Philadelphia International Airport. My new camera is a Canon 50D. It is choice.

With any new camera, it is my habit to make img_0001 a picture of the kids.


As you can see, Tristan has is right arm in a cast and a sling from when he broke it on the last day of school before the break (no pun intended). What you can't see are the four pins in his elbow and one in his wrist. So here are some X-rays!


Wrist, showing the drill putting the pin in place.
Wrist Fix

The rest of the vacation was not nearly as exciting as the beginning. We did the usual Christmas stuff; baking, concerts, church stuff, gifts, and parties.

Here's the New Years Eve party we went to at the home of some of our nameless friends, who may not want search engine results showing this picture.
Jeff and Jenn
(one of the people in the picture may or may not be a teacher, and teachers can sometimes be funny about their students seeing that they actually have a life outside of school)

We also made it back to Pilot Mountain State Park for a little wintertime hiking.
Pilot Mountain Pioneers

So that takes us up through mid-January.

Next installment: Florida!


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