Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Shooting in the Winery

Our local theater company, The Mebane Acting Company, knows that I like to take pictures, so with their current show, Murdered by the Mob, opening soon, they invited me to the dress rehearsals to get some shots for their scrapbook.

Unlike the work I did for Steel Magnolias, and another adventure with Stuart Little (that went so badly I didn't even write about it, let alone share the pictures) this time I had the proper gear and state of mind to get some decent shots.

This play was a dinner theater, and being performed at the Benjamin Vineyards and Winery near Graham, NC. The space was, I guess where they do the grape pressing and maybe fermenting and bottling. The light was a little weird, as were some of the paint colors of the wall. Thanks to a new control card I just got, I was able to correct for the light color pretty well, I think. It was a tight space with all the tables, but there wasn't much scenery, and no audience, so there was still some room to move.

Here's the synopsis:

Welcome to D'Angelo's, the hottest speakeasy around. If you think the '20's are roaring, you ain't heard nothin' 'til you've been to this joint. The jazz is hot and the gin is cold. Our master of ceremonies, Johnny Biscotti has his best show yet, featuring the ever popular Lydia LaJoy, and introducing a couple of cute chorines sure to turn the head of even the toughest mobster. The boss himself, Danny D'Angelo is sure to make an appearance, along with several of his, uh, "business associates." So sit back, order yourself an "ice tea," and enjoy the show. But be careful, and watch your back...this gangster murder mystery will have you "swimming with the fishes!" from James Daab

Some shots of the production

And the official cast photos
Thomas Drago
Danny D’Angelo: Thomas Drago

Andrew Porterfield
Johnny Biscotti: Andrew Porterfield

Lysandra Penn-Bartoo
Sally: Lysandra Penn-Bartoo

Stacey Thomann
Lydia Lajoy: Stacey Thomann

Veronica Penn-Bartoo
Betty: Veronica Penn-Bartoo

Jim Bailey
Butch: James Bailey

Christian Moore
Pretty Boy Percelli: Christian Moore

Walter Boyd
Officer Mulroony: Walter Boyd


Shannon said...

You got some REALLY nice shots! Great work!

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