Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Soccer Saturday

Though I haven't said much about it, Tristan is playing soccer. . . when it isn't raining, which it has been most weekends of the season so far. There have been three games, Tristan's played in two of them, and the Terminators have won all three.

I just wanted to mention this shot. Unfortunately, in two games, this is the second time he's lost his shoe. What really made me proud is that as the sole fullback (the other team was missing players) and despite losing his shoe, he kept that ball away from the goal. He didn't even think twice about the right thing to do.

Next time though, I think I'll tie that for him.


Shannon said...

That's too funny! Good for him - he kept on playing despite the loss of that shoe! My lil boy will start his very first ever soccer league this month! :) I'm excited!

Unknown said...

In Tristan's own words, "That was weird but funny too. I enjoyed that moment, although it hurt my foot."

Soccer at Ty's age is absolutely hilarious. It's more of a comedy than a sport. You're all going to love it, and I look forward to seeing the pictures.

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