Friday, April 09, 2010

Virtual Sets

I like to take pictures. I like to take pictures a lot. When I'm out taking pictures, I try to encompass as many different kinds of photography as possible, for I believe that having the skills and experience to capture a respectably competent photo when it presents itself, regardless of genre, is the most useful tool in your camera bag. Whether it's nature photography, architecture, portraits, sports, panoramic, long exposure, landscape, macro etc., you should know the basics of all of them.

But in taking all these different kinds of pictures, I find that I'm drawn to some styles and subjects more than others. The recurring patterns that appear in my photo catalog almost suggest a logical grouping of their own. Virtual photo sets, if you will. So here are some of my virtual sets that I must get around to creating on Zooomr and Flickr.

Pictures of Cute Chicks Taking Pictures

This is so meta. Buckingham Palace

Q: How many hot South American chicks are at Disney World? A: Four Brazilian
Or maybe this one should be in a "Pictures of Cute Chicks Having Their Picture Taken by Someone Other Than Me" set. Magic Kingdom

Japanese Tourists
And here's one that's kind of both. (The photographer was also cute, I assure you.) Some Palace, Seoul

another set could be. . .

Pictures of Strangely Flavored Potato Chips

Roasted Chicken and Thyme (as far as I know.) Morocco

Worcester Sauce. England, which makes this "Potato Crisps," technically.

Oriental Ribs. England, so the use of the adjective "Oriental" is not passe and offensive.

Sizzling King Prawn, which is a much more awesome name than "Shrimp". England, some bowling alley.

So that's what I have for starters. Let's see what other virtual sets naturally assemble themselves.


Unknown said...

I would say your pictures are pretty darn good mate!

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