Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Great Northern Adventure, Day 6: Yukon Do It

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Departed Whitehorse (after putting our luggage out in the hall for someone else to carry to the bus for us again) for another long day on the bus.

In the morning we stopped at Uncommon Journeys Ltd. for a "90 minute demonstrationand tour of our kennel, dog yard and sled dog training facilities at the Homestead.".  We got to meet and play with 55 of their Husky sled dogs,

 and the kids got to play with the new puppies.

Needless to say, they absolutely loved that - the kids and the puppies.  A team was hooked up to an ATV, and we got a little demo on what these dogs can do.  It was pretty impressive.

We stopped to eat lunch in ____ at their community center.  We had sammiches and fruit.  I guess the town made some kind of deal where they supply church luncheon-type food to the HAL tour buses in exchange for $.  It seemed kind of random, but it was nice to get outside and walk around.

We made a few more stops throughout the day, mainly bathroom breaks and photo opps.

I've been able to sleep pretty comfortably on the bus and in the hotels in between stops.  That's one feature of a motorcoach tour aimed at old people: you're never more than a few hours from a proper bathroom (in addition to the improper one on the bus.)

We stopped for the evening in Beaver Creek, Yukon Territory, at another Westmark.  This hotel has dreadful reviews, but we didn't find it to be that bad considering we were in Canada's equivalent of the Australian Outback.  This one had a dinner show in a large circular outdoor/indoor theater.  We had enjoyed a few C$6 pints in the bar beforehand (Yukon Gold and Chilkoot Lager) as well as a few more during the show.  The show was pretty good, as was the meal. We're far enough north now that it never gets completely dark at night.  Can't imagine what winter is like.

Put the luggage in the hall. . .


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