Sunday, August 13, 2006

Italians are Everywhere

I can't believe I slept 'til 9. I hadn't mentioned yet, but the weather here has been amazing. Cooler, dryer air moved in the other day, so August in New England has been like October in North Carolina.

Greg and I set off on foot to explore his neighborhood in the daylight. We headed up Hope Street, and went into "The Blue Cottage" for breakfast. The menu was very happily traditional, and cheap. Greg got eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee, and I got a sausage, egg and cheese bagel and coffee. It came to about $12. It really hit the spot. Perfect.

More exploring. We saw some amazing architecture, as well as some mansions that must cost several million dollars. Greg pointed out that we were seeing a lot of "Extreme Edging" and suggested creating a website about it.
After returning to the house, we hopped in my rental car and made our way to Federal Hill, the Little Italy of Providence
I love the whole Italian-American culture. I never really appreciated it until I married into Jennifer's big Italian family. This place was great. We went into a big "ravioli store", and the very first thing I noticed (other than the fact that it was very crowded) was that it smelled amazingly like Jennifer's Nona's house. What could be more wonderful? They had everything. This would be a regular stop for me if it were proximate to my house.

We explored more of the main street, where there were plenty of nice places to eat. We went to yet another market. After exploring the whole place, I ordered four slices of prosciutto de Parma, a chunk of sharp provlolone, an a roll. I picked up a grapefruit soda from the cooler, paid and sat down. Greg got a giant slice of Sicilian-style pizza, and a small bottle of a chocolate flavored drink from the makers of Orangina, I think.It was an indoor picnic. It would've been outdoor, but they didn't have any tables on the sidewalk. No matter. We got a couple of cannoli because. . . . .well, because cannoli doesn't need a reason, now does it? A bit further down the street I had to stop for some gelato because on my world-wide quest for the best gelato, I can't pass up a possible contender. This gelato was in no danger of winning, but it was't bad.

Time to get back to Greg's house and start getting ready for the 5:00 wedding in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA


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