Sunday, August 27, 2006

Melon Trees and Ice Boxes

This was the Traveling Roth's first "normal" weekend since June 23rd. This was the first time we were all in one place, at home, for an entire weekend.

Saturday, we got our 100+ year old Lester upright piano tuned and somewhat repaired, in advance of Tristan and Zoe's commencement of piano lessons on Monday. $165 dollars later, it's pretty much in tune with itself, within the limits of the worn-out hammers and damper felts. If/when the kids really take to this, and become prodigies or whatever, we'll invest in a proper piano.

Sunday, after church, Tristan noticed we had a watermelon growing in our dogwood tree.
Yes, you read that right. Now how did this happen? It turns out there were some "wild" (read: discarded melon and pumpkin seeds) melon plants growing out of Jennifer's butterfly garden, and this one went straight up this shrub, crossed over the dogwood tree, and started growing downward.
I'm tempted to hang a bag or basket or something under the melon to support its weight, for I fear that melon vines weren't designed for suspended fruit.

In the time between grad school semesters, Jennifer has been dilligenly trying to finish refinishing the antique icebox she bought two years ago.(Jennifer removing paint from the door hardware)

(The case of the icebox, after having the paint removed, and two coats of polyurethane added)

The plan at the moment, is to make this into a liquor cabinet, complete with an inverted glassware holder. This will probably go into the front room of our house that is not the living room.


Katherine Dimacale said...

That is a very big melon hanging in there, you might want to try this one out I've used this link when I was working with my pdf forms.

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