Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spring Soccer: Season Finale

Saturday was the end of the season "Festival" for the U8 league, which means there are just a lot of games on one day, and the results don't mean anything, standing-wise. The results can be found here.

In the first game, the eighth-place Strikers tied the #2 Fury, 4-4, with Tristan scoring two of those goals. I wasn't there, so there aren't pictures of that game.

After the first game, we went to the Glenwood Fair. It was raining again this year, and that makes for a crowded, chaotic mess. The kids had fun though. . . and pizza, soda, two cotton candies, and various other carb-laden delights. That's OK, though, they had another soccer game to burn it off!

The second game was at 4 against the #4 Kiro Kids. I was there to take pictures, but because I had the "wrong" camera, plus it was raining, none of the pictures really turned out. Just look at our tons of soccer pictures at our Zooomr site, and imagine them grayer, with the occasional drop of rain on the lens. The Strikers won this one handily, 5-1 with Tristan scoring 3 of the goals in his final game with the Strikers in the U8 league. Zoe will be back in the fall, but Tristan will be on to U10.

So that's it for the soccer posts. . . until August, which is only three months away.

We just found out the other day that we got into the Dogwood Pool as members from this year forward, so there may be some swim-team action in the near future. That should photograph nicely.


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