Friday, May 25, 2007

Pig Pickin' Prep Part 2: Getting a Pig

[My photo serving site, Zooomr, is currently offline. To offset the lack of pictures, I've inserted the occasional colorful font.]

If step one of having a Pig Pickin' is getting a pig cooker, part two would be getting a pig.

With the deadline for RSVP-ing past, we used the secret Traveling Roths Guest Attendance Algorithm (TRGAA) to predict how many people would be here. Here it is.

People who said the'yre not coming score a 0
People who said they are coming scored a 1 for each adult, and 0.5 for each child
People who failed to respond despite multiple reminders (Jeff Overstreet) scored 0.5 for each adult, and 0.25 for each child.

Applying all the factors, we came up with a guest count of 63. Adding a little more for "random error", the statistical version of poetic license, we decided to get a 70 lb. pig. So on Monday we made the call

Satriale's Pork Store
I'd like to order a pig, please
Sure. Name?
Traveling Roths
Oh wow, I read your stuff regularly. I'm a huge fan!

(ok that last line did not happen)

What size?
Seventy pounds, please.
OK. When do you want to pick it up?
Friday afternoon.
OK, we'll have it ready for you.

It's just that easy. Friday came, and I made the trip to Satriale's. I signed the pig cooker rental agreement, paid for our 72 pound pig (they used a little "random error" too), and watched the kid struggle to hoist it into the back of my truck, and then not attach the pig cooker properly. After some correction from an adult (who was not me, since I couldn't get it attached right either) we were on our way. . .taking the back streets back to Mebane, since homemade pig cookers do not do well at Interstate speeds.

Once home, after the requisite photos, the pig went into the action packer, and got covered with Presbyterian ice. There it'll sit 'til Sunday morning.

In the meantime. Andy/Shelley/Alex/Ella arrived from Maryland. We all walked downtown and partook of some fine Pomodoro pizza, and checked out the changes of Downtown Mebane (the whole block!) and went home to relax. It'll be a busy weekend.


Anonymous said...

Dave- with the addition of color to your words/phrases, your pig purchase and pig cooker rental have really come alive for me. I feel as if I were right there with you, hooking up the cooker to the truck!! Who needs photos?!

Thanks for sharing this, as it is not an encounter I am likely to attempt on my own-

vicariously yours- Kathryn

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