Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shouts Out to Buick

My photo hosting site, Zooomr, is slowly but surely coming back to life, so I'll have pictures and words here soon. If you want to search Zooomr now, use the search term "PigPickin2" (w/o the quotes).

But in the meantime, I just got some e-mail from one of my Penn State Blue Band Drumline buddies, Buick (Matt Kozsuch), telling me that he now has a blog. Not only that, but Buick is a guy who also journals his travels, and he's gotten his honeymoon trip to Spain posted. Check that out here:

Of particular interest is the post on dinner at La Terraza de Casino Madrid. This place is a foodie's dream, and Buick writes about it well, and includes some amazing photos.

Buick is also a proud new father, so he should have plenty to say for a while. So check out Buick's blog (regularly), and comment. You'll be glad you did.


Matt Kozsuch said...

Thanks, Diamond! I love the pig roast stories! And thanks for introducing me to this site.

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