Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snow Days

We got an unexpected taste of winter the other day. I say unexpected because usually when there's even the slightest possibility of snow in The South, the local media initiates a public freak-out, and the reaction (particularly by school administrators) is based on the hysteria as opposed to the weather. This snow didn't even show up in the news until mere hours before it happened.

In our town, we got maybe three inches.
Southern Snow Day Vanishing Point
That's a lot. That's probably the largest single-event snowfall we've had in several years. It started as rain, turned to snow that melted on hard surfaces, and then eventually iced-over as the air temperature dropped. All the streets in Mebane were completely ice-covered, and it appeared that not a thing was done to prevent this.

But in Chapel Hill, where the kids go to school, they didn't get any snow, so there was no delayed opening or cancellation. When I drove the kids to school in my 4WD truck (and actually had to use the 4WD for a minute), a lot of kids pointed at us in astonishment as we were the only vehicle in the lot that was covered in snow. Pretty cool.


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