Friday, February 01, 2008

Where Did My Pictures Go

In the ongoing saga of Zooomr, and their growing pains. . . some good news, and some bad news.

The good news is that my most recent photos are back online! They were moved from servers in Santa Clara, California to Tokyo, Japan, restored to Zooomr's Japanese servers, and accessible once again. Uploads have resumed too. w00t!

The bad news is that my recent, but not most recent photos, including blogged photos from late-September through mid-January, are now offline. Evidently the file backup program missed a whole bunch of pictures, and they were left in the California data center, which is now decommissioned. The Zooomr team is working on getting these moved by boat, or possibly by plane, to Japan pronto. wh00ps!

So at least for now you'll finally get to see the Winterplace ski trip pictures, plus whatever I shoot from now on. Hopefully, you've caught up on all of my old posts (yeah right) and seen all the mid-term blogged photos.

So if you need pictures to look at, you should visit Andy's Photo-a-Day project over at every day.


Andy Roth said...

Thanks for the non-linked reference to my photo a day site. Unfortunately, it has the same issues that every site with Zooomr hosted pictures has, so there are a bunch of blanks.

Unknown said...

wow, where do the Zooomr issues end? There is constantly something broken with them! Get your photos off of there before they all get lost!

Unknown said...

I'm not worried about them getting lost, but the downtime is an annoyance.

Despite Zooomr's quirkiness, I still haven't found a preferable alternative.

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