Wednesday, March 05, 2008


It's not every day your young woman turns eight.

In what's become a Roth Family tradition somehow, Zoe was determined that she was now able to tackle her first Big Mac. We had our doubts, seeing as the weight of the beef alone in the Big Mac is about 0.5% of the weight of an uncooked Zoe. Since Zoe is not one to be told what she cannot do, she did it.
Birthday Traditions

We hurried back to the house for present time. The big gift was a Canon A570IS digital camera.
Birthday Present

Opa came down to celebrate with us, so on Saturday, we partook of another birthday tradition: the birthday meal of teppanyaki-style Japanese food at Kanki. The kids always request Kanki, so we've been going there two times a year for several years.
Sushi Girl

What's taking my gyoza so long?

Say Cheese

No birthday is complete without a birthday party, so on a different Saturday, we had one of those. Zoe, seven of her friends, and Tristan spent 90 minutes being gymnasts at Kidsport in Burlington.


T and the Ladies

That's probably enough for one birthday. Keep an eye out on Zoe's Zooomr stream for new and better pictures from her and her new camera.


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