Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Almost Spring

Easter Egg

It's still winter, but spring is in the air, and so is Easter. This past weekend included two Easter Egg Hunts, and lawn mowing, two sure signs of spring.

Saturday's egg hunt was at Cedarock Park again. This year, Tristan and Zoe had a strategy. The plan was to sprint to the far end of the egg field, and start working backward from there, putting as much time/space between them, and the horde of slowly forward-moving kids that started from the start line. Tristan executed it flawlessly, even ignoring the "official" who admonished the kids "No running!" Yeah right. Zoe got sidetracked, making it about halfway back through the field, as the lure of all the easy eggs she was overstepping on her trip to the far end was too much for her. None the less, both kids made out great, although they didn't find any of the holstein cow-looking eggs (and their year's supply of Chik-fil-A kid's meals) nor the legendary "Golden Egg," which may or may not exist.
Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny (Rabbit of Easter) obviously does exist, and he wears Docksiders.

Sunday's egg hunt was at the Mebane Presbyterian Church.
And They're Off

This one went more traditionally, as the egg:kid ratio was pretty high. T and Z really moved, and ended up with a goodly amount of eggs.
Man with a Plan

Egg Hunters

We brought our neighbor, Foster (who was also at the Cedarock Park Egg Hunt, btw). And since he was the only kid there in his age group (he's 2), he scored as many eggs as he could fit in his basket.

Tristan escorted Foster home, and thus concluded another successful egg-hunt season.



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