Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Penn State North Carolina License Plates

According to the Triangle Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association, PSU North Carolina license plates may be available soon.

From the chapter's website:

To: Penn State Alumni, Fans and Friends in North Carolina

From: The Triangle Chapter of the Pennsylvania State University Alumni Association

Date: April 16, 2008

RE: Obtaining an officially-issued Penn State license plate in North Carolina

Dear North Carolina Nittany Lions,

Would you like to see a Pennsylvania State University license plate in the state of North Carolina? It can be done! And when we do it, we’ll be the first university from the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to have a state-issued N.C. license plate.

There are more than 7,500 Nittany Lion Alumni statewide in North Carolina. We only need a minimum of 300 paid applications for the state to establish the PSU license plate. Fans and family can purchase the plate as well as alumni!

You already pay $28 to $33 per year for your N.C. license plate registration. Why not show your Penn State pride by paying just $25 extra a year! The extra cost of the PSU specialty license plate is distributed to the National Heritage Trust Fund and the Special Registration Plate Fund (part of the Highway Fund, which among other things, beautifies our highways) so you’re also helping the environment and the local economy! More information on costs and fees can be found in the accompanying Frequently Asked Questions sheet. These charges are established by legislative action in the state of North Carolina and, like all laws, are subject to change.

Feeling creative? You may also personalize your Penn State license plate for an additional $30 per year in addition to the standard registration fee and the collegiate license fee.

The Triangle Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association has volunteered to help coordinate the Penn State University efforts to establish the specialized PSU plate. If needed, applications will be accepted until Dec. 31, 2008, although we want to submit 300 applications and payments to the NCDMV as soon as possible. The faster we reach 300 paid applicants, the faster the plates hit the road.

If you want to help establish the groundbreaking Penn State University license plate, please complete the accompanying application which can be found online at < > You may mail your check and completed application form to :

Triangle Penn State Chapter
P.O. Box 1215
Morrisville, NC 27560-1215

All applications will be collected and the monies held in a special Penn State license plate account by the Triangle Penn State Chapter. Please include your email address and phone number along with your application so that we can contact you if necessary. An email will be sent to you to confirm that your form and money have been received. Email will also be used for follow up communication if necessary.

If your information changes before we submit the forms and money to the NC DMV, please send an email to with your new information and it will be changed on your form(s). Also, if you move out of state before the application is processed by the DMV, simply request a refund of your Penn State license plate fee and we will refund your payment minus a $5 processing fee.

We would like you to keep in mind the accompanying artwork is proposed until verified as official by the NC DMV. However, the artwork as shown conforms to guidelines the NC DMV has given to us, and to the guidelines the university has for use of their logo so we anticipate little if any changes to the artwork shown on the website. The proposed artwork is at the top of this page. We have included the original Authorization letter from the Penn State licensing department sent to the NC DMV.

We hope you will support Penn State and support this license plate endeavor and make Penn State University the first university from the state of PA to establish a collegiate license plate in North Carolina.

For the glory,

Adam Morris
Triangle Chapter – Penn State Alumni Association
License Plate Committee Chairperson
A l m 3 8 1 @ p s u a l u m . c o m

Jeff Blum
Triangle Chapter – Penn State Alumni Association

Application form:

We plan on signing up for two, and hopefully, the requisite minimum of 300 will be reached soon. I do wonder about the mock image above though, as I doubt it's accurate. If you didn't recognize that logo, you'd have no idea it stood for Penn State. And just as a matter of preference, I'd rather have the Nittany Lion Chipmunk Head than that crest thing, but that's just me. I'll take what they offer and like it.


Andy Roth said...

It's about friggin' time! If they can get enough people, you guys should be able to get really low numbers.

The Roth Family said...

Word. There was talk of this back when you lived here 5+ years ago, and between the three of us, we could've accounted for 1% of the total minimum number needed.

But I won't complain, as I have contributed zero help to this effort, other than saying that I'd participate, given the chance.

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