Friday, July 03, 2009

Yet Another Fifteen Minutes

Just saw this on today.

Turns out Zoe's picture of her picture is now a part a photoshop contest.

Check out the thread here

And in the meantime, enjoy some more photos.

Needless to say, Zoe is moderately amused.


MarkoPolo said...

Hi Dave - I didn't see contact info for you on the page. I know your photo has been all over everywhere edited by everyone. I was wondering if I could get permission to use it in a business powerpoint presentation with your photo credit on the photo. Let me know either way - enjoyed looking through your awesome photos.

MarkoPolo said...

Oops, photo i am talking about was the original 'Firestarter' image.

Anonymous said...

There are a handful of memes that are pure and genuine. This is one of them. Thanks for not hiding and trying to deny that being part of something that people adore so much is such a "hassle".

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