Friday, December 22, 2006

New York Christmas, Part 2

Day 2

Woke up, went out and found the truck, and had to move it since where I had parked was not available from 9:30 - 11:00. So Zoe and I drove around looking for a spot for the better part of an hour, finally finding a place on Prospect Ave, about four streets over. The truck should allegedly be fine there 'til at least Tuesday, so hopefully it'll be there when we come back to it on Christmas Eve.

Went to breakfast at Tom's Diner, a local landmark.

From there we along with John O. (Jennifer's dad's wife's son) walked to the 7th Ave subway station, and took the B train all the way to Rockefeller Center. The subway, Zoe informed us, is her second favorite means of transportation, the first being airplanes.

We got to Radio City just in time to meet Joe (Jennifer's dad) and Pam and head inside.

Jennifer and her family used to do the Christmas Spectacular every year, but it was the first time for the kids and me. The place was spectacular. Just look at the lobby.

Hall FoyerHall Foyer Hosted on Zooomr

We had pretty choice seats way down front just to the right of the right aisle. The theatre was spectacular.

PreShow ColorPreShow Color Hosted on Zooomr

Joe hooked T and Z up with cotton candy that came with a free hat.
ShowtimeShowtime Hosted on Zooomr

The show was amazing. The kids also got some special attention that no one else in the theatre got. Right after the 3D part (where an animated Santa flies through NYC, finally landing right outside Radio City) when live-action Santa entered the theatre, he ran down right to where we were, and gave high-fives to both Zoe and Tristan, and no one else! I wish I had a picture of that!

The show ran a full hour and a half, and had many different scenes and themes. Here's their take on The Nutcracker.
Christmas SpectacularChristmas Spectacular Hosted on Zooomr

The show finished with the birth of Christ, which really surprised me. It was very nicely done. Overall, I'd highly recommend the show.

From there we headed out into Manhattan to just bounce around a while. There's this cool scene just outside Radio City
Big BallsBig Balls Hosted on Zooomr

We checked out Rockefeller Plaza, the huge tree, and the ice skating. It was crazy crowded, but pretty cool just to be there. From there we checked out the fancy windows (or whatever they're properly called) at Saks Fifth Avenue, and then walked down to Times Square, to the giant Toys 'R' Us, which was also insane. Their decorations were cool though.
Times Square WindowTimes Square Window Hosted on Zooomr

From there we walked back to Grand Central Terminal, and took the 7 train to the L train to the Bedford Street station in Brooklyn. From there we walked to Peony's apartment where we met her and Jordan, and then walked to Bamonte's restaurant. A cool old-school Italian place that's probably been there forever, with waiters as old as my dad in tuxedos, and pictures of The Sopranos cast and various other Guineas all over the walls.

We were met there by Jason, a friend of Jordan's from Heritage School (in Newnan, Georgia). The kids split some gnocchi Bolognese (which they were able to finish!). Jennifer had the lasagna, and I had the cavatelli Bolognese. We finished with some espresso (with complimentary sambuca!) and ginger cookies.

We called a car service, and got a Suburban to fit the five of us for the ride back to Jordan's. Shortly after wer got there, Jared (Jennifer's brother) and Julia (his wife) arrived. We did another small Christmas, and called it a night.


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