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Xmas Letter 2006

Welcome to the 2006 equivalent to the Traveling Roths' Microsoft Word Update Letter. (thanks to Snide for the term). If you're following the link on the Christmas Card, and this is your first visit to, welcome. We hope you'll check back regularly, and maybe even subscribe to the feed.

It's been a year for us, so we'll give you the summary in words and pictures. All pictures are hosted on Zooomr. Check out these and others there when you get the chance.

Not much going on. Did a weekend trip to Hanging Rock State Park.
Hanging RockHanging Rock Hosted on Zooomr

Hanging Rock State ParkHanging Rock State Park Hosted on Zooomr

Both kids won the "Music Student of the Quarter" awards for their respective Kindergarten (Zoe) and First Grade (Tristan) classes.
Music Student Z

Music Student T

In February, Zoe celebrated her Sixth Birthday with a party.
It's a Small Birthday After AllIt's a Small Birthday After All Hosted on Zooomr

Unfortunately, the day of the party we had Mebane's heaviest snowfall of the year.
North Carolina Blizzard

Despite the frightful weather, all the invitees attended.

In March, Jennifer and the kids spent some of Spring Break at the North Carolina coast.
Emerald Isle PortraitEmerald Isle Portrait Hosted on Zooomr

And whenever they're at the ocean, even in winter, Tristan and Zoe are going to get wet.
North Atlantic WinterNorth Atlantic Winter Hosted on Zooomr

Tristan took Third Place in the Chapel Hill School District in a spoken French language competition
French Student TFrench Student T Hosted on Zooomr

While Zoe scored her second "Terrific Kid" award.
Teriffic ZTeriffic Z Hosted on Zooomr

March was also the start of the spring soccer season. Zoe played for the U6 Sharks
Opa, Zoe, and OmaOpa, Zoe, and Oma Hosted on Zooomr

And Tristan played for the U8 Strikers
Opa, Tristan, and OmaOpa, Tristan, and Oma Hosted on Zooomr

As you can see, Oma, Opa, and their RV were in town on their way back from a month-long trip to the south.

With April's warmer weather and longer days, we had more opportunity to play outside, and take more pictures in the evening sun.
Zoe SpringZoe Spring Hosted on Zooomr

Tristan SpringTristan Spring Hosted on Zooomr

I got to play Jesus in a reenactment of "The Last Supper"
Playing JesusPlaying Jesus Hosted on Zooomr

And Easter was on a beautiful spring day
Easter FamilyEaster Family Hosted on Zooomr

would turn out to be a very busy, and very fun month. In early May, I got to spend a few days at a conference in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina. Read about that adventure here.

In the middle of the month we took our first big vacation in a long time out to Jennifer's brother Jonas' college graduation in Nevada. Check out the May archive for the details, but we had loads of fun. Here are the best couple of pictures from the 272 we took in five days.
Tahoe PanoTahoe Pano Hosted on Zooomr

PICT2942PICT2942 Hosted on Zooomr

Then as if the month wasn't busy enough, over Memorial Day Weekend we had a Pig Pickin'!
Barbecue By the BookBarbecue By the Book Hosted on Zooomr

along with a few more Traveling Roths, namely Andy, Shelly, Alex, and Ella
May CousinsMay Cousins Hosted on Zooomr

In June, Tristan became Napoleon Dynamite for the Glenwood talent show.
Tristan DynamiteTristan Dynamite Hosted on Zooomr

I took a trip to PA for my friend Buick (Matt Kozsuch's) wedding
Buick/DiamondBuick/Diamond Hosted on Zooomr

July was crazy. It started with a trip to NYC
Riding on the MetroRiding on the Metro Hosted on Zooomr

Then a week in Pennsylvania, with a couple more Traveling Roths (in this case Julia, and Laura)
Here Comes the ParadeHere Comes the Parade Hosted on Zooomr

From there Jennifer was off to Bennington College for grad school for three weeks, while the kids were on vacation in PA and NJ with Oma and Opa and their cousins, and Rabin and I were back to North Carolina.
crazycrazy Hosted on Zooomr

I got a short trip to NYC in, and got to see Truck, Jerry, Debbie, and Mary.

In August, things started returning to normal. Everyone returned to North Carolina, Soccer practice started again, and I had a great weekend in New England seeing my friend Greg, and going to the wedding of Truck and Debbie.
Truck Jerry DiamondTruck Jerry Diamond Hosted on Zooomr

School started once again. First Grade for Zoe and Second Grade for Tristan.
ZR 1st GradeZR 1st Grade Hosted on Zooomr

TR 2nd GradeTR 2nd Grade Hosted on Zooomr

. More soccer, the last beach trip of the year,
FudgeTown BoardwalkFudgeTown Boardwalk Hosted on Zooomr

and the capital campaign kickoff at Mebane Presbyterian.

October. More soccer. The North Carolina State Fair.
Pure JoyPure Joy Hosted on Zooomr

Tristan's Birthday
Partners in CrimePartners in Crime Hosted on Zooomr

Presbyterian Camping
Pano Grandfather MountainPano Grandfather Mountain Hosted on Zooomr

and Halloween
Halloween 2006Halloween 2006 Hosted on Zooomr

. The calmest month of all, I think.
Holiday FamilyHoliday Family Hosted on Zooomr

and Christmas preparation
Zoe on the FarmZoe on the Farm Hosted on Zooomr

. I got to play timpani in the Mebane Community Chorus' presentation of The Messiah, followed by performing with the "Mebane Presbyterian Church Orchestra" the next weekend. Then on Sunday the 17th, Tristan and Zoe performed in the church's Christmas Play.
PrePlayPrePlay Hosted on Zooomr

Zoe even had a solo!

So that's the bulk of it. From the 20th through the 31st we'll be in SE Pennsylvania, then New York City, then NE PA, then SE PA again, then back to North Carolina.

So Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas, (Happy Birthday to Me), and Happy New Year.

See you right here in 2007

The Traveling Roths


Kathleen said...

You're a nut!
Where are the pictures of the turkey?

Andy Roth said...

This is great (so far). I think next year I'll write my letter in the same style you used:

"..In Feb I finally finished reading Dave's Christmas letter..."


The Roth Family said...

HA! You're assuming I'll finish writing this thing by February!

Snide said...

Whoa - you adopted my update letter terminology! I'm flattered. I guess I'll return the favor by referring to "Hazy Shade of Winter" and "California Dreamin'" as Christmas songs from now on.

Too many great pix to comment on here - I'll try to email.

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