Saturday, December 23, 2006

New York Christmas, Part 3

Day 3.

We had to revist our favorite bagel place, so we walked down to Flatbush and Bergen to Bergen Bagels (see July 2006). We got a few to eat immediately, and a dozen bagels and bialys to go. They screwed up my coffee, putting sugar and cold milk in it (yuck), so I gave it to the kids, who downed it handily.

Zoe's RoutineZoe's Routine Hosted on Zooomr

We walked back toward Prospect Park, where they have a farmers market on Saturday mornings. We found Jared and Jordan, sampled some food and wine, and picked up some fixin's for dinner.

The four Roths headed back to the subway, and rode to the Grand Central terminal, and then set out on foot, mainly as a photographic safari of the urban jungle for me.
Reflected SkyscraperReflected Skyscraper Hosted on Zooomr

We stopped at Bryant Park to check out the free ice skating (with $10 skate rental). The lines were crazy long, so we skipped it, opting instead for some lunch at some place with a bathroom.

We went back to the Radio City area for some more pictures. I have an unexplainable fascination with old-school C7 Christmas lights, and some of the public art in that area were giant C7 lights, so I needed pictures.
Giant Tree Lights TwoGiant Tree Lights Two Hosted on Zooomr

Here's one with us in it, just for a sense of scale.
C7 FamilyC7 Family Hosted on Zooomr

I got a few more of the giant Christmas ball pyramid, but with Radio City in the background, for a sense of position.
Radio City Music BallsRadio City Music Balls Hosted on Zooomr

We headed south, meeting up with Joe and Pam near Lord & Taylor. They too had a Christmas window display so we checked that out. We left the kids with them, then I boogied south (with Jennifer in tow) to try to get a picture of the Empire State Building from the south side as the sun was setting.

Empire State Fading LightEmpire State Fading Light Hosted on Zooomr

It's not exactly the shot I wanted, but I'm not totally displeased with it.

Jennifer and I went on unsuccessful quests for eye drops and wine. On the way back to Lord and Taylor to meet the kids, we turned around and noticed this:
Empire State SunsetEmpire State Sunset Hosted on Zooomr

Bear in mind this was only 4:48 in the afternoon! I just can't get used to the early sunset in the winter in the north. Maybe that's part of the reason I left. But I digress.

We met back up with the others, and while they were browsing a junk store, I took a bunch more pictures. Here's the Lord & Taylor
Lord & Taylor Christmas WindowsLord & Taylor Christmas Windows Hosted on Zooomr

The blurry moving cars are intentional.

Taking advantage of Night Portrait mode (where the flash is coupled with a longer exposure ((to capture more of the more dimly lit background))) I got a picture of each of the kids with the Empire State Building behind them.
Empire State Building ZREmpire State Building ZR Hosted on Zooomr

Empire State Building TREmpire State Building TR Hosted on Zooomr

If you look carefully, you can see the crescent moon to the left of the building.

From there we took the train back to Brooklyn, kind of adopting a foreign gentleman (who I guessed was Russian) who didn't speak English, and needed a little help with the train schedule.

At Jordan's apartment, the meal was. . . PORK! Jordan makes a mean pork butt roast, and with some kale on the side and the food and wine we bought at the farmers market, it was a great dinner for us, Jordan, Jared, Julia, and Julia's friend Leslie. Joe and Pam opted to stay in Manhattan, so they missed out on a great meal.

Zoe fell asleep amidst all the chaos, and that was pretty indicative of how tired we all were from a long day.


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