Friday, July 06, 2007

I Could (Have) Be(en) a Winner!

FM Talk 101.1 ran a contest this week for an Apple iPhone. Be the 20th caller after you hear the Apple noise, and you get entered into a raffle for the iPhone. . . a $600 value. The iPhone is the latest/greatest cool new geek toy that saw thousands of people lining up outside of Apple stores for hours or days in advance of last week's on-sale date.

I was the 20th caller.

There was one entrant per hour of the show, on each of four days, so there were sixteen total entrants. One in 16. . . not bad odds.

On Friday near the end of the show, they took the 16 preliminary entrants, and eliminated eight of them.

I was not eliminated.
My odds were now one in eight.

Later, they eliminated four of the eight remaining.

I was not eliminated.
My odds were now one in four.
I have a 25% shot at an iPhone.

Later, they eliminated two of the four.

They called my name, adding insult to injury by mispronouncing it in the process. (Come on, it's a four-letter, one-syllable name!)

I was eliminated.
My odds are now zero in . . . . . whatever.

I had big, non-specific plans for that iPhone. I wasn't going to activate it, as the minimum service plan is $60/month, which is $15/month more than what I'm currently paying for two phones. I could give it to Jennifer for her birthday. That would be a pretty sweet gift. We could hack it, and just use it as an iPod and wireless web browser. That would be pretty cool. I could auction it on eBay, and use the proceeds to buy my next camera, or maybe swap it with someone for something.

My iNtentions have fallen to the floor.


Shelley said...

Arrrgh! So close! I once almost won tickets to a concert by naming the artists of the previous 16 songs played. I missed 1, by The Guess Who. I'll never forget them again.

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