Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tristan and Zoe Return to the Homeland

Summer vacation is here, for those of us who get vacations. Vacation Bible School has come and gone, and Jennifer, Tristan, and Zoe have taken advantage of their long break to return to their homeland, Georgia.

In addition to catching up with Grandpa Joe and Pam, and spending copious amounts of time in Grandpa's pool, they've seen lots of friends, gone to Dixieland in Fayetteville, The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, and gotten some dinner and dessert in Buckhead at Fellini's and Cafe Intermezzo.

Rather than trying to present a narrative of what's been going on, I'll just link to the pictures.

Go to and enter the search term "Georgia2007" without the quotes.

Here's a sample:

JuneGA07 219
Jennifer at her all-time favorite dessert place: Cafe Intermezzo

JuneGA07 091
Tristan's first go at the Nintendo Wii

JuneGA07 106
Zoe driving a Go Kart at Dixieland in Fayetteville. (Where are the pedals? Nowhere near her feet!)

JuneGA07 160
A fish and a kid, seemingly in the same place.

Zoe Buckhead Fellini's
Zoe outside my favorite Atlanta pizza place.

So check the link for more, and maybe encourage Jennifer to write too.


Matt Kozsuch said...

Tristan looks like a young Trevor Rabin... Can he play guitar or sing?

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