Sunday, September 10, 2006

Beautiful Oriental

No, that's not politically incorrect. Oriental is the name of a town in coastal North Carolina.

Oriental is the "sailing capital of North Carolina," located at the mouth of the Neuse River at the Pamlico Sound. It's also 10 minutes from Laura and Grahams house, so we decided to go there on Sunday instead of the beach.

Graham has two sailboats. One is in the water at a small marina in Oriental. I don't know much about boats, but this one seemed pretty cool. It's roughly equivalent to a small RV, but on the water. It's not seaworthy at the moment, needing new rigging, but it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun to go out sailing on.

But in the meantime the marina was kind of fun too, especially if you were a kid or a dog.

Zoe's really into fishing these days

Tristan likes to fish too, but maybe is not into it so much since he hasn't had the same level of success that Zoe has. He enjoyed playing with Rabin though, throwing branches into the water for Rabin to retrieve.

If one picture really epitomizes Rabin, this is it.

She would swim all day if we let her, even though she's 12 years old now, and is starting to have trouble jumping into the back of the truck by herself. She's barely slowing down. She'd jump off the dock, fetch the branch, swim back to shore, then get out and run back down the dock to Tristan for him to throw the branch again.

We went back into town for some lunch at a Key West-themed place right on the river. We had fries and flies, and a few other things, eventually having to sit inside to escape the flies. We walked to an ice cream place after this for dessert.

From there it was back in the truck for the three hour drive home. Probably our last beach visit of summer. See you in May, Atlantic!


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