Friday, September 29, 2006

Soccer, Week 4

Friday night, the THD Strikers lost to the Flames, 4-0

There's no a whole lot to say about the game. The Strikers held the Flames scoreless until the last minute or so of the first half, despite many shots on the Strikers' keeper, Jake. The second half, it just fell apart.

The only other good thing I can say is, the light was fantastic that evening, so I took a lot of pictures, which I guess is not saying too much, as I usually take a lot of pictures regardless. As a bonus, it was team photo night, so as the photographer from Lifetouch was lining everyone up to be photographed (on film none the less. Remember film? I couldn't believe anyone was still using that, let alone a professional photographer. They're litterally years behind Heirloom Digital Portraits.) I got a few pictures of my own, that I own the rights to!

The team(Front: Zoe, Aslyn, Julia, Nicholas, Ben, and Cameron. Back: Coach ?, Victoria, Tristan, Ianna, Jake, and Coach Toby. Coincidentally, the back row are all returning players from the one-goal-away-from-the-league-championship Spring 2006 team, while everyone in the front row is new)

Tristan Solo

Zoe Solo

And some action shots back at the field

Zoe warming up. Check out the motion blur! On a strength-to-mass ratio, I would guess that Zoe is one of the strongest people I know.
Tristan watching the action upfield, prepared.
Zoe focused
Julia (who is like a miniature Mia Hamm) and Tristan preparing to kick off after having a point scored against them. They, unfortunately, got a lot of practice at this.

After the game, we went to Hooters. The kids were not phased at all by the place. We (Jennifer and I, that is) have eaten at Hooters two times in the past, both of them back before moving to North Carolina when we lived in Newnan, Georgia. That restaurant was entirely unimpressive, both food-wise and Hooter Girl-wise. Now we remembered why it has been so long since we'd been to a Hooters. The wings at this Hooters were not nearly as good as the ones we make at home, although I'd have to admit that the the scenery was quite pleasant.

Tristan did mention the following to me:

Tristan: Dad, these Hooters ladies are nasty.
Dave: Why is that?
Tristan: They're wearing super short-sleeved pants and super short-sleeved shirts.

Zoe decided that she wants to be a Hooters girl or a teacher when she grows up.

Jennifer and I decided we can probably wait another five years to return to Hooters.

Next Friday: The Strikers vs. Martinho's, the team they lost the championship to in the spring.


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