Friday, September 15, 2006

Soccer: Week 2

Friday night brought another game, and another loss. The Strikers lost to the Hornets, 6-2.

There was some better playing, but definitely some deficiencies that allowed that many goals to be scored against them. Tristan started showing some real skill as a fullback, a position he hasn't played much, but he was able to keep a lot of pressure off the keeper (limiting the goals scored against them to only 6).

Here's Zoe warming up

And Tristan and Zoe warming up, both in the same frame

Here's Zoe dribbling away from Noah Tyre (another Mebane Presbyterian), who looks very concerned.

Zoe and Tristan, in the middle of the fray, regaining control for the Strikers

And finally, Tristan moving the ball downfield into a swarm of Hornets.

Next week the kids have a bye, so the Strikers next game is Friday, 29th September against the Flames.

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