Saturday, March 31, 2007

Photowalking: Mebane

I'm a big fan of a segment on Robert Scoble's show called "Photowalking with Thomas Hawk." Scoble follows Thomas, a free-lance photographer in San Francisco, around as Thomas takes pictures of stuff, and discusses photography. It's been hugely educational to me as an amateur photographer, and I highly recommend it to anyone who'd like to improve the quality of their pictures, regardless of the sophistication of their camera.

The Downtown Mebane Merchants' Association (or some such thing with a similar title) was hosting a Spring Shoppers Stroll to lure people downtown to the Clay Street area to check out what is becoming a really cool little business district. Camera in hand, we set off to see what it was all about.

After scarfing some free lunch courtesy of Clearwire, we perused the many shops of Clay Street. It wasn't until we were inside Elegant Relic, a fine antiques store owned by our neighbors when I started taking pictures of Tristan in front of a big window that I realized that this place would be awesome for a little Thomas Hawk-esque photo-op.

Two StarsTwo Stars Hosted on Zooomr

The picture of Tristan led to others. Like this little Geisha on the table next to him.
Tiny GeishaTiny Geisha Hosted on Zooomr

Next to the Tiny Geisha was a cool chandelier.
Crystal ViewCrystal View Hosted on Zooomr

Behind that was an awesome art deco-style radio.
Spirit of Radio 1Spirit of Radio 1 Hosted on Zooomr

And on top of that was a Tiffany-style dragonfly lamp.
Dragonfly MacroDragonfly Macro Hosted on Zooomr

On the walk down the stairs from the upstairs to the ground floor, I noticed that the building itself with it's turn-of-the-century (20th) style was its own art.
Elegant RelicElegant Relic Hosted on Zooomr

The walk continued on to the antique store across the street, where I photographed some old film SLR cameras, to the Sweet Tooth pastry shop, where the coconut pie, chocolate raspberry cake, and blondie though delectable, were not photoworthy. We continued on to Solgarden, a cool, eclectic gift and home-furnishing shop, where the pictures were just okay. View them here.

Check back at the end of April for the Mebane Dogwood Festival, conveniently timed to be about a month past when the Mebane Dogwoods are in full bloom.


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