Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring Soccer, Week 4, Part A

Week four of soccer? What happened to weeks one, two, and three?

Week one was a night game, and since I know I don't have the capacity to take decent photos of night games, I didn't even bother. The Strikers lost, by the way, maybe 5-1. The "1" coming from Tristan. We hope he gets into the scoring habit early.

Week two was a postponement due to somebody's scheduling issue.

Week three was a rainout. Actually the rain was on Friday, but the fields were in no shape for playing by Saturday.

So this week there are two scheduled games; Friday at 6:15 against the Hammers, and Saturday at 12:30 against the Hornets.

The Friday game couldn't have had better weather. 75F and sunny. That didn't stop the Strikers from losing though, 5 or 6 to 1. No Roths scored in this game.

There were plenty of pictures to be taken, what with the good light and all. Here are but a few.

The TeamThe Team Hosted on Zooomr

Break ing AwayBreak ing Away Hosted on Zooomr

WaitingWaiting Hosted on Zooomr

Zoe DribblesZoe Dribbles Hosted on Zooomr

Team Traveling RothTeam Traveling Roth Hosted on Zooomr

HovererHoverer Hosted on Zooomr

Next game tomorrow, 12:30. Weather prediction: Mostly sunny, 82F


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