Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Rabbit of Easter; He bring of the eggs

Cedarock Park in southern Alamance County hosts a Easter egg hunt every year. Since T and Z were with in the allowable age range, and it was a beautiful day, we decided to visit one of our favorite parks to check it out.

There were thousands of eggs in several different areas, segregated by age. Zoe took part in the 10:30 5-7 year old hunt.
Zoe Easter Egg HuntZoe Easter Egg Hunt Hosted on Zooomr

Tristan's was at 11:00, and was for the eight to ten year-olds. His strategy to sprint to the back of the field and work forward was very successful.
And They're OffAnd They're Off Hosted on Zooomr

Rooster with EggsRooster with Eggs Hosted on Zooomr

Along the way we encountered the Rabbit of Easter, the Chic-Fil-A cow, the Kreiders, and a whole slew of rednecks, replete with tatoos, piercings, random facial hair, cigarettes, NASCAR attire, and non-traditional grammar. But I digress. . .

This was Anika Kreider's first Easter, (and egg hunt) and she was pretty into it.
First Egg HuntFirst Egg Hunt Hosted on Zooomr

Additional photos (taken by Christine and/or Jason):

There were also amusements like a bounce house, health screenings, rock wall, and funnel cake stands. The lines were out of hand, so we moved on. We'll definitely return next year.
Egg Hunting Family 2Egg Hunting Family 2 Hosted on Zooomr

Egg Hunting Family 1Egg Hunting Family 1 Hosted on Zooomr


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