Sunday, March 04, 2007

Zoe's Birthday Weekend

It was a busy weekend, and it started with both Zoe and Tristan having a friend stay over Friday night. Zoe had Rania, and Tristan had Sophie.

Tristan and Sophie, his partner in crime, never miss an opportunity to be goofy.
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Saturday morning, after a big breakfast, Oma and Opa arrived on the return leg of their now annual Snowbird Florida vacation.

Zoe's party this year was held at Renaissance Tea, in downtown Mebane. It was a spa party. Jennifer, Zoe, Rania, and Oma walked downtown for the 12 o'clock party.

The kids started with facials
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Next was a foot bath, followed by a pedicure
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After that was some "spa cuisine", like fruit, spring water, cheese, cocktails, cookies, etc.
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About this time Tristan, Sophie, Opa, and I arrived to check on the party. Tristan and Sophie were horrified.
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They would've rather continued their light-saber duel, or kicked around a soccer ball. We handed them a few bucks and sent them to Sweet Tooth, the pastry place down the block.

It was now time for manicures and makeup, and then presents. The birthday cheesecake (from the aforementioned pastry shop) had to wait 'til later.

The party was a huge success.
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(Rania, Isabel, Nancy, Beth-Ann, Zoe, Elizabeth, Elli)

For dinner on Saturday, we checked out Pomodoro. See my previous post for that.

Sunday morning. Zoe got to open her presents, and we had another big breakfast.
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At noon we went to the Century Center in Carrboro for the Chinese Dual-Language Program fundraiser. This event gets bigger every year. This year there were five dual-language classes, from Kindergartedn through Fourth Grade. Each class did some kind of presentation. There was a buffet-style Chinese food meal, and a dragon dance and traditional Chinese music.

Both Zoe and Tristan's respective classes did a great job with their presentations.

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TR Dragon LifterTR Dragon Lifter Hosted on Zooomr

It was a long, fun, tiring weekend for everyone, and we look forward to doing it again in October.


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