Friday, July 11, 2008

A Brief Update

Hey Everyone. It's Saturday morning here in El Jadida, and the wedding of our friend Fatima Choukaili is this evening. It may go all night long, literally, and supposedly it's hot in the Riad where the thing is being held. We're taking it easy this morning, charging our batteries --literally and figuratively. Tristan is out getting a "Moroccan haircut" which should be interesting. I don't know what he and the barber will agree on via the language barrier. Zoe has been off with her friends for most of the last three days, so we've barely seen her. We have the feeling she's in no hurry to go home.

We got here last Saturday, drove to Marrakesh, spent four days there, took the train to Casablanca, stayed one day there, then took another train to El Jadida. We'll be here until Monday morning when we fly back to the states.

We're having a great time, seeing a lot of stuff, eating a lot of stuff, and getting by as best we can in English, French and Arabic. The weather is great, the hospitality is tremendous, and the opportunities for photography are endless. I have a bunch of pictures to upload, but I want to process and geotag them first.

So keep watching this space. I'll probably post my journal entries one day at a time once I have the pictures ready to go with them.


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