Sunday, July 06, 2008

The Next Step

Jennifer finished up graduate school at Bennington College, in Bennington Vermont yesterday, and graduated with a Masters of Arts in Teaching a Second Language (MATSL). She (and the rest of us, by extension) were very ready to be done with that place. I'll let her go into more detail, if she feels the need to, but suffice it to say, I doubt that she could, in good conscience, recommend that program to anyone. But she has her degree, and with it an automatic pay raise of a couple thousand bucks a year, and a whole bunch of new-found free time. I'm sure she'd also have some choice words for her high school guidance counselor, who told her that "college was not for her."

The kids are, at this very moment, high above the barren wasteland that is Central Pennsylvania, on their flight from Chicago O'Hare to Newark. I'm guessing (based on the little plane icon on the real-time tracking map) that they're a little north of State College, the oasis in the wasteland, at 32,700 ft, traveling at 448 knots, enroute to Newark, New Jersey. Jennifer will be picking them up there. She hasn't seen the kids in 22 days, so needless to say, they're all excited. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Tom & Jenni and their extended family for hosting the kids for two long weeks. I hope we can return the favor sometime.

I have business in Pennsylvania this week, so I'll be leaving for the airport shortly, leaving my car at work, and taking a taxi from GSK to the airport. Since I won't be returning to North Carolina before leaving for Morocco on Friday, I've packed my work stuff and my vacation stuff, including all my camera gear in my carry-on luggage. It's really not a tight fit at all, but then again, maybe I should wait to see what I've forgotten before saying too much. I had to pack three things for Jennifer, plus at the last minute I'd realized that all the shirts I brought were not ideal for work, so two additional shirts got thrown in. I still feel like I have some space though. So for all the people who couldn't dream about not checking luggage, I suggest that maybe you're bringing too much junk with you.

More later when the family is once again in the same place at the same time.

(p.s. We're working on getting Jennifer's Senegal pictures processed and uploaded. Hopefully this week.)


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