Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Pause that Refreshes

So where is everyone now?

Tristan and Zoe flew to Chicago on their first ever Unaccompanied Minor flight. They're spending two weeks with Uncle Tom and Aunt Jenni (and Kayley, Krista) in Illinois. I don't fly United very often, but the whole UM process with them was very easy. Of course, I have nothing to compare it to.

Jennifer got back from Senegal Thursday night, tired, and full of stories, souvenirs, and pictures. She had all of about one day to unpack, recover and then repack for her sort-of "finals week" of grad school in Vermont, as well as our Morocco trip in mid-July, since she won't be home to NC until after that.

So Saturday morning, Jennifer left for a 12+ hour drive to Vermont, and I started cooking a 107 lb (49kg) pig for a barbecue at Mackintosh on the Lake held by The Mebane Acting Company and The Central North Carolina Guild for the Arts. It was hot and exhausting, but a lot of fun. I think one pig a year is about my quota though, as I really don't like cleaning pig cookers. I'd post pictures, but I really don't want to look at barbecue for a while. Look at my Zooomr or Flickr streams for those.

So what's next? Jennifer finishes on Saturday and graduates, then drives to New Jersey to hang out with a friend, and then pick up the kids on Sunday in Newark. They'll hang out for a few days to finally relax (or continue relaxing, in the kids' case) then I'll meet them up there (after a brief business trip) and we'll head out on the next adventure.


Andy Roth said...

So when and where will Jennifer be posting her pictures?

The Roth Family said...

That's a good question. Maybe Picasa Web Albums, Zooomr, and/or Flickr. She has all the pictures as well as the computer with Photoshop Elements with her in Vermont, but no time this week to really do anything with them. Maybe late next week we'll be able to get something online. There are a couple of really good shots in there that I definitely want to do the processing on before putting them on Zooomr and Flickr

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