Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Morocco: Day Five: Oasiria


We're in Marrakesh one day longer than we initially thought we'd be. No matter. Jennifer found (through her new friendship with the nice front desk lady) a water park called Oasiria, a few kilometers from town. It didn't take long to get the kids on board with that idea.

We found the free shuttle bus behind the Koutoubia Mosque جامع الكتبية‎, and rode it out to the park, arriving just after 10 am when it opened. The park seemed pretty new, and was really nicely done. There was a lot of grass for us to set our towels on, not that the kids really ever used them. They were in the water the entire time, dividing their time between the two giant slides, the wave pool, the lazy-river tube float, and a few smaller attractions.

Once again, the low humidity was very apparent. Despite it being hot, probably in the 90's at least, when you got out of a pool, you actually felt chilly as the evaporational cooling was doing its thing. I could so get used to this.

In the afternoon we were surprised by an authentic Brazillian dance show. It was pretty random, but wonderful, none the less. The Brazillian women were spectacular! Once again, I missed my camera.

We took the free minibus back, rested, then headed out to a restaurant on that street again. It advertised that it was salle climatise (air conditioned.) The interior was an open courtyard with water misters 10 feet above our heads. They really did the trick. The evaporating mist definitely cooled the air.

We had a fairly light dinner, followed by Moroccan mint tea, which there is always room for.

We got more cash on the way back so we could pay our hotel bill: 2080 dirham for four nights, or about $70 a night. A great deal.

(Zoe's getting tired)

We washed more clothing in the sink (which we've been doing every night though I've barely mentioned it) and did most of our packing. I think we're finally accustomed to the time difference, +5 hours, so getting to sleep at a decent hour is getting easier.

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