Sunday, October 15, 2006

North Carolina State Fair: A Day in Food Pictures, Part 2

Interspersed with all this food was plenty of walking, and plenty of rides and sideshows and the occasional "game of chance" for the kids. So it's not like the fair was just a food orgy. All this food was shared by all of us, and spread out over six hours or so. Not that I'm making any pretention that this wasn't a boatload of generally unhealthy food. Eating was not all we did.

Having a keen eye for the unusual, the sign saying "Barbecue Sundae" jumped out at me. For $5, I would need to find out what that was. Oma was really curious, wondering if this involved ice cream. After having seen the Mashed Potato Martini last year, I was pretty sure what was involved.
It was a sundae cup with a layer of pork on the bottom, a layer of baked beans in the middle, and a layer of cole slaw on top. (3. Variety Meats, 10. Roasted/Smoked, and maybe 9. Ethinc, if you consider Southern an ethnicity) Kind of like those one-bowl meals at KFC. It was pretty good, but left no efficient way to sauce the meat. It was carb-friendly, as if that mattered. No ice cream was involved.

We were resting near the stand of the aforementioned Mashed Potato Martini, where we had bought Deep Fried Banana Pudding Bites last year, and noticed a new menu item, Deep Fried Pina Colada. This guy gets top marks for creativity in my book. Of course, we had to try that too. And it was, in my opinion, the best thing we had all day.
Deep-fried pinapple wedges covered in powdered sugar, served with a coconut pudding dipping sauce. (2. Fried Sweet, 5. Sugar, Sugar, Sugar) This one we may have to try to recreate at home.

With that being said, we moved on to sausage. German sausage that is. Bratwurst. (3. Variety Meats, 7. Baked, 10. Roasted/Smoked) Why is it that you always see Italian sausage and Polish sausage (both of which are wonderful in their own right), but too rarely see German sausage? Well, we stood up for our German heritage. Actually Jennifer (who is the only Traveling Roth without German heritage) requested the Brat. Conversely, I bought the ribbon fries to stand up for her (and T & Z's) Irish heritage, since we couldn't find:
  • Irish sausage
  • Shamrock Shakes
  • Whisky
In between the brat and the ribbon fries, Opa acquired an Onion Blossom (1. Fried Savory)
After the ribbon fries, Oma acquired a traditional, old-school funnel cake (2. Fried Sweet), once again calling back to our Pennsylvania Deutsch heritage.
That was it for the food, other than some allegedly fresh-squeezed lemonade. Besides, it was starting to get really crowded, and we needed to burn the rest of our ride tickets and get out of there and get home.

After all, it was almost dinner time.


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