Saturday, October 28, 2006

Party Time. Excellent

Today we had Tristan's birthday party at Wheels Fun Center in Duhram. Specifically, the roller skating rink.

Tristan had seven guests, and Zoe had one.

The party started with 45 minutes of roller skating
This was Tristan's probably third time skating. He's definitely improving.

Zoe's really coming along.
We had to get the wheels loosened so she could go faster. I see rollerblades in her future.

After 45 minutes of working up an appetite, it was time for Durham roller-rink pizza. You can imagine how delicious that was, I'm sure.
(Eva (Max's sister) Zoe, Ellie, Max, Sophie, Tristan, and with their backs to the camera, Albert, Andrew, Conrad and Matthew.)

Zoe brought her friend Ellie.
And with Tristan, as always, is his partner in crime, Sophie.

After the food and birthday cake, it was more skating for an additional hour.

I think all those kids are going to sleep well tonight.


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