Friday, October 27, 2006

Soccer, Week 9

"The night was dark and asinine. . . . "

Actually, the weather was ridiculous. It had probably rained more than an inch during the day, and it hadn't let up at all by the 7:30 game time. We were dressed in our full rain gear, and didn't even bother bringing the camera for fear of wrecking it. The only reason the league didn't cancel (I think) is because this is the last weekend of the season, and the festival/tournament starts next weekend. They really needed to get the season wrapped up.

So a grand total of 6 of the 10 Strikers showed up to play the last-place, winless Phoenix. Three Phoenix-es showed up, so the Strikers won by forfeit. (I think you need 6 to play). But since we were there, the coach decided to have a scrimmage. Tristan and Ben joined the Phoenix to make it a little more even, and they played for about 15 minutes.

Tristan kicked off, and within 10 seconds put it in the Striker's goal. Where was this kind of play the rest of the season? Zoe got pretty agressive, since she spent most of her time taking on her brother. . . something she's quite comfortable with. Tristan later scored another goal, but the "Phoenix+" lost 3-2 in fake play.

We're still waiting on the final standings, but right now it looks like the Strikers finished 6th of 10.

Next week, the festival/tournament. Four games in one day. Should be interesting.


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