Monday, November 20, 2006

A Shameless Plug

It's no secret that we take a lot of pictures. Many of the best, you've seen here, but there are plenty of others that you haven't seen because there's no room for them in the blog, or there isn't a relevant place to put them.

Enter Zooomr. Zooomr aspires to be the world's premier photo hosting site, and has become one of my favorite places on the Web. I've moved a bunch of our photos there, and plan on moving many more.

What's so great about Zooomr? You can tag your photos with any key words you choose, and that makes them easier to find by others. You can Geotag your photos so that they'll show up on a map of the world. You can "fave" photos you love, add friends, create smart sets, leave text or voice comments. I have 4GB of upload bandwith a month, and best of all. . . it's FREE.

So take the time to vist the TravelingRoth's Zooomr Photos:

And just becuase I can, here are some of our newly added pictures

Ristorante ItaliaRistorante Italia Hosted on Zooomr

Swiss Cheese BusSwiss Cheese Bus Hosted on Zooomr

Lake Geneva PanoramicLake Geneva Panoramic Hosted on Zooomr

La Spezia, Cinque TerreLa Spezia, Cinque Terre Hosted on Zooomr


Anonymous said... would be a lot better place to post those awesome pics bcuz you can put your descriptions right into the geotags and amazingly receive comments there as well how cool is that. zooomr might look slickr now but I think has more promise as their "layout" is much more intuitive.

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