Saturday, November 11, 2006

Strikers Season Finale

Saturday was week two of the end-of-season festival, and the Strikers continued their winning ways, taking the first game against the Sharks 4-2, and the second game against the Storm x-x.

Since I wasn't there, and don't know how it went, other than Tristan scoring a goal in the first game, and Zoe taking a shot to the face (again), the rest of this post will be pictures of the games, taken by Jennifer.

(As a side-note, these are just about the only pictures on this blog so far that Jennifer has taken, and they're awesome!)

Team Traveling RothTeam Traveling Roth Hosted on Zooomr

Focus on TristanFocus on Tristan Hosted on Zooomr

Solo ZoeSolo Zoe Hosted on Zooomr

BreakawayBreakaway Hosted on Zooomr

Left HookLeft Hook Hosted on Zooomr

Kick itKick it Hosted on Zooomr


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