Saturday, November 04, 2006

Soccer, Festival, Week 1

As a departure to the spring's end-of-season tournament (which the Strikers lost the championship by one penalty kick), this season has a "Festival", where each team in both the U8 Blue and White divisions play four games over two Saturdays.

In today's first game, under clear skies and 33 degree (F) conditions, the Strikers took on the Lions from the U8 White division. The Strikers won 2-0, with the first goal scored by Cameron, and the second by Tristan. (I would post pictures, but I didn't attend the game nor photograph.) Zoe informs me that she almost scored a goal.

The next game was at 12:15 against the U8 White Kickers. The Strikers won that one too, 3-2, with two goals scored by Cameron, and one by Asalyn. There would've been pictures, but Jennifer prefers the Canon to the Sony, and the Canon is in Vietnam right now with Jason and Christine Kreider.

Next Saturday, two more games in the conclusion of the Fall 2006 season Festival


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