Friday, November 24, 2006

The Traveling Kreiders

For the past three weeks, Jason and Christine Kreider have been in Vietnam adopting their daughter, Anika. They've been sending pictures and updates, and IM chats and phone calls, but today, they finally made it back to North Carolina.

Tristan, Zoe, and I went to Terminal C to meet the Kreiders when they arrived, and to document the momentous occasion in photos, since the family (including Big Brother Alex and Grandfather Jere) would surely have their hands full.

Here's the first sight of Jason, Christine, and Anika, just past the security checkpoint.
Family AdditionFamily Addition Hosted on Zooomr

And Alex meeting his new little sister for the very first time
New SiblingNew Sibling Hosted on Zooomr

Alex holding Anika
Big BrotherBig Brother Hosted on Zooomr

Anika is quite amused with Tristan and Zoe.
T&Z Meet AnikaT&Z Meet Anika Hosted on Zooomr

And the kids jump at their chance to hold the baby too.
Newest FriendNewest Friend Hosted on Zooomr

Jason displaying the amount of stuff two American adults and a baby need for three weeks in Vietnam.
Traveling LightTraveling Light Hosted on Zooomr

Jere (Jason's dad) could not be more proud.
Jere and AnikaJere and Anika Hosted on Zooomr

Anika, despite being three months old, had never been in a child safety seat. . . until now.
First Car Seat RideFirst Car Seat Ride Hosted on Zooomr

That's it for now as the Kreiders start getting used to a new life as normal. I'm sure we'll be seeing plenty more pictures of all of them over the years. . . especially once Jason gives me my camera back.


Andy Roth said...

Congrats to the Kreiders!

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