Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hey Dad, it's snowing!

Weather is a pretty cool thing. A few days ago it was in the mid-80s (degrees F) here. The kids were down at the coast, swimming in the ocean, the lawn had been mowed several times already, and a lot of spring planting had already taken place. The dogwoods were in full blossom, which means the Mebane Dogwood Festival was only a month away. The furnace hadn't kicked on in a long time, and we knew we were soon to be using the air conditioning again.

Then late in the week it started getting colder. Highs in the mid-50s (F), lows in the 30s. Friday night we go to bed to the sound of rain, and Saturday morning wake up with snow on everything.

Spring Snow in DixieSpring Snow in Dixie Hosted on Zooomr

It's a pretty weird scene... first, because we don't see all that much snow in North Carolina anyway, and second because we never (in my recollection) see snow while all the trees have green leaves on them.

Tomorrow is Easter, and temperature at Sunrise Service time (6:30 am) is supposed to be below zero! (degrees C).

The Rabbit of Easter; he bring of the firewood.


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