Saturday, April 28, 2007

Ribs and Dogwoods

At the beginning of the soccer season, we invited Connie and Beth to come out to Mebane to watch the kids play soccer, and then have lunch at The TravelingRoths HQ. Their schedules finally worked out on the last game of the season, and fortuitously, on the day of the Mebane Dogwood Festival, whatever that means.

So after watching the post-forfeit scrimmage, we came back to the house and tore into three racks of baby-backs (recipe here), the once and future beans (here), and a couple of fine mojitos (here) to cool the fire.
Rib EatersRib Eaters Hosted on Zooomr

While we could still walk (before the ribs-induced coma set in) we headed downtown for the Mebane Dogwood Festival. This little gala baffles me, as I think I've alluded to before, but I believe Zoe summed it up perfectly on the walk downtown:

I know why we celebrate Halloween. It's all about dressing up in costumes and getting candy. But why do we celebrate the Dogwood Festival?"

That question shall go forever unanswered. The dogwoods that festoon the streets of Mebane were absolutely gorgeous. . . . . four weeks ago when they were in bloom. We don't sing Dogwood carols, or watch the Dogwood Parade, or even exchange Dogwood cards or gifts, but I'm not the one shun a free party regardless of the alleged reason for its existence.

There were three stages set up. On the 4th Street Stage, a classic rock band was playing, and shortly after I recognized the beautiful Rickenbacker 4001 in the hands of the bassist, I recognized the bassist.

Jeff and RicJeff and Ric Hosted on Zooomr

It was none other than Jeff Hatley, who I had played with in Godspell.

Moving down the street, we took a left on Clay Street and headed down to the Third Street Stage, where a couple of guys I knew from the Mebane Acting Company were performing improv in the style of "Whose Line is it Anyway".
Improv PleadingImprov Pleading Hosted on Zooomr

William Rushin

Improv StickupImprov Stickup Hosted on Zooomr

David Lynch

In the audience were Alexis and Nancy Drago
Nancy and AlexisNancy and Alexis Hosted on Zooomr

We got a couple of ride tickets, and the kids rode three things each: TR, tbe Tubs-O-Fun, and the giant swing (twice)
Swingin'Swingin' Hosted on Zooomr

Zoe did the swings, and the bounce house (twice)
Color JumperColor Jumper Hosted on Zooomr

We passed a lot of booths, with everything from people selling candles, toys, and jewelery, to various food vendors and church fundraisers. Mebane Presbyterian Church had a very noticeable abscence, again. The kids needed to get their snow cone on, and boy howdy, did they. Good thing we were outside, and within walking distance of home. Connie and Beth checked out various booths and shops, and even bought something from our neighbor's store, The Elegant Relic.

Back to the other end of Clay Street, there was a big band with a brass section performing on the 5th Street Stage, but what caught my attention was an Italian Ice vendor. Now, I'm no stranger to Italian Ice (often redundantly referred to as Italian Water Ice), but it is an extremely rare commodity here in the South, so I pounced on the opportunity to indulge in a little Pina Colada. Connie and Beth had never had Italian ice, so I got a couple extra spoons and made converts out of them. Conquering the South, once again.

We headed back and called it a day. Connie and Beth's first visit to Mebane was a huge success, and if they didn't have a sweet lake house to spend Memorial Day weekend at, maybe we could lure them back here for a Pig Pickin'. But there's always next year, and as every child knows, Dogwood Festival comes this time each year.

Oh Dogwood tree,
Oh Dogwood tree. . .

A couple more random pics from the day.

Reckless Abandon

Mushroom Hats

Blue Rose

The Scent of Color

Fair Goer

Improv William

Thai Chicken Satay


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