Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Postcards from Down Under: The Ghan

Continuing in our series of post cards from Sean and Jeanine in Australia, we present this beautiful picture of "The Ghan."

Postcard The GhanPostcard The Ghan Hosted on Zooomr

Jennifer, Dave, Tristan, and Zoe,

We have now traveled to 4 of the 7 states of Australia - New South Wales, Tasmania, South Australia - currently we are in a train "The Ghan" riding through the Northern Territory to Alice Springs. There is nothing but red clay, short scruffy bushes, and the occasional red gum tree, but we have seen a few kangaroos bounding buy. A few days ago we were on Kangaroo Island where the wildlife is plentiful. We saw kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, goannas, echidras, venomous tiger snakes, possums, fairy penguins, pelicans, NZ fur seals, Australian sea lions, and various species of colorful birds. Next we are headed into the desert outback to camp for a few days.

Jeanine and Sean


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