Saturday, April 28, 2007

Spring Soccer, Week 8

The final game of the regular season was upon is. Saturday at 12:30 against the #1 Flames, who have allowed a grand total of two goals against them the entire season. This could get ugly. As an added bonus, the weather was perfect, and Connie and Beth had made the trek to Mebane to see the kids play some soccer.

But there was no game. Tristan and Zoe were the only Strikers to show up. The other team's players and coaches were there, the referees were there, but the remainder of the Strikers were not. After a couple of unanswered calls to the coach, the officials declared a forfeit.

Since everyone was in a soccer mood, an ad hoc scrimmage was arranged. Zoe played for baby blue, and Tristan played for highway worker orange. Most of the Flames played, and even a couple of kids who weren't on the team played. There was one goal scored, and it was from Tristan.

Temporary TeammateTemporary Teammate Hosted on Zooomr

Zoe looked a little lonely as the only fullback.
Half the TeamHalf the Team Hosted on Zooomr

Coming up this weekend, the end-of-season festival. Last season, the Strikers were the only team that went undefeated in the festival. This year, we'll hopefully they'll at least show up.


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