Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Special!

I forgot my ID badge at work, again. That makes twice in one week. On the walk to the security desk to get a temporary ID, I looked down to confirm that I was indeed not wearing my ID when I noticed this:

Could I feel like more of a jackass? Yes! Not ten minutes later, I came to the realization that my ID was in my pocket the entire time, and I also managed to get myself locked out of my computer account. This necessitated a 10 minute call to the IT Help Desk. . . with nine minutes of that having the friendly gentleman from India not believing me. And it wasn't even 8 o'clock!

I thought maybe I should just go home then, but fortunately, the jackassery ended right there, and the rest of the day was salvageable. To my co-workers who read this: You didn't even notice! Thank you.


Sean Kennedy said...

I once wore two different shoes to work too, back when I worked at a large law firm in Buffalo. The only person who noticed was the managing partner of the firm!

Andy Roth said...

What shocks me is how close your feet are to your head. How do you live like that? You were always the short boy on the short bus, weren't you?

The Roth Family said...

I had the camera on max zoom. At least I didn't put hand soap in my hair.



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