Monday, January 29, 2007

Random January Post

Nothing all that exciting going on here, just a couple of random things to assemble in order to keep the posts coming semi-regularly.

Saturday night was the Pioneer Club picnic at Mebane Presbyterian Church. It was a lot of fun, and despite being in a big dim room, I got at least one picture that I liked. It's Jennifer holding Anika Kreider, who is just about 0.417 years old (5 months).

Anika and JenniferAnika and Jennifer Hosted on Zooomr

On Sunday the kids took a stab at splitting firewood.

TeamworkTeamwork Hosted on Zooomr

ClevageClevage Hosted on Zooomr

Brute ForceBrute Force Hosted on Zooomr

Woodsplitter TWoodsplitter T Hosted on Zooomr

Zoe working hardZoe working hard Hosted on Zooomr

Our crappy Mebtel DSL router stopped functioning on Saturday morning, so essential web-surfing is being done via dial-up. How awful is that? We tried to get Mebtel to just do an equipment swap with the faulty router, since this thing (and its predecessors of the same make and model) have been nothing but trouble for years, but they want to do some troubleshooting with us when we're home, rather than just taking the bad unit (which I left on the porch for them) away, and leaving a functioning one.

I used to be an IT professional, so you can bet that I did whatever I could to make that thing work. Here's how I think the "troubleshooting" will go.

Mebtel: Is the unit plugged in?
Me: Yes.
Mebtel: Are you sure the outlet has power?
Me: Seeing as the lights are on and flashing, yes.
Mebtel: Try this. . . .
Me: OK, did that, still not working.
Mebtel: Alright, try this. . . .
Me: OK, did that, still not working.
Mebtel: Alright, try this. . .
Me: OK, did that, still not working.
Mebtel: Hold please

(seven minutes of silence)

Mebtel: Your router is faulty, we'll have to replace it.
Me: I think I told you that yesterday.
Mebtel: Will someone be home between 8 and 5 tomorrow so our technician can come inside and plug two wires into a new box for you. . . .
Me: No, but do you happen to know how much broadband from Time Warner Cable is going for these days. . .
Saturday, January 20, 2007

Back to Hanging Rock

In what's becoming somewhat of an annual trip for us, we went back to Hanging Rock State Park, near Danbury, North Carolina on Saturday.

Just like last January, the last time we were there, it was chilly...probaby 40F or below, but unlike last year it wasn't windy, and we were actually prepared. I was also testing out my new Sony GPS-CS1, a device that logs where you are and when, and then appropriately tags your photos with your location.

The first picture was taken by a friendly couple who was headed down while we were heading up. This was taken at the base of Hanging Rock.
TravelingRoths Hanging RockTravelingRoths Hanging Rock Hosted on Zooomr

The top of the rock is a very awesome place to take pictures, and to rest from the moderately strenuous hike up there.
Hanging Rock Zoe PortraitHanging Rock Zoe Portrait Hosted on Zooomr

Edge of the EarthEdge of the Earth Hosted on Zooomr

It's also a great place for Jennifer to get nervous about the kids falling off the rock. The prone position is a relatively safe position.
Climbing is TiringClimbing is Tiring Hosted on Zooomr

Plenty of pictures on the way back, since we were all less tired, and Jennifer was less nervous.
TR Hanging Rock portraitTR Hanging Rock portrait Hosted on Zooomr

Zoe in a RockZoe in a Rock Hosted on Zooomr

Hanging Rock SiblingsHanging Rock Siblings Hosted on Zooomr

And just as we were leaving, Jennifer found a favorite sticker on a neighboring car.
You suck and that's sadYou suck and that's sad Hosted on Zooomr

See you again next January, Hanging Rock.
Thursday, January 18, 2007

Snow Day

With maybe 24 hours notice, central North Carolina got slammed with as much as 0.125 FEET OF SNOW! During my drive in this morning, I saw at least 6 wrecks, and there were times when it was difficult to see the lines on the road, due to the heavy accumulation. I slid and lost traction quite a few times, at least once unintentionally even.

The kids and Jennifer got the day off, since big heavy school buses can't drive in 0.125 feet of snow.

They did normal kid stuff.

A snowball fight.
Snowball FightSnowball Fight Hosted on Zooomr

And even built a snowman!
Snow Day, Carolina-styleSnow Day, Carolina-style Hosted on Zooomr

Here's the finished product.
North Carolina SnowmanNorth Carolina Snowman Hosted on Zooomr

As for the status of school Friday, who knows. This is the south. In Georgia, it doesn't even have to snow at all to get schools and universities canceled and businesses closed.
Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Day in the Park

We braved the brutal North Carolina winter, and went outside to Cedarock Park in southern Alamance county. The temperature was a chilly 72 degrees F, but we did the 2 mile mill trail hike anyway, taking a few photos along the way.
Traveling Roths' ShadowTraveling Roths' Shadow Hosted on Zooomr

Zoe has FrecklesZoe has Freckles Hosted on Zooomr

Roth WomenRoth Women Hosted on Zooomr

TR Horse TreeTR Horse Tree Hosted on Zooomr

Horse Tree 3Horse Tree 3 Hosted on Zooomr

Zoe's PhotoZoe's Photo Hosted on Zooomr

Field Family PortraitField Family Portrait Hosted on Zooomr
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