Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas Card 2009

Now that it's 2010, it's time to write our annual Microsoft Word Christmas Letter™ for 2009. Yeah, it's late, but since we got the cards in the mail on Christmas Eve, it's not that late, and now you have something to do for the next several minutes.

So here's our summary: The Traveling Roths 2009 Year in Pictures.


Magic Family
What better way to beat the mind-winter doldrums than to head to sunny Florida and the kingdom of the mouse. We met up with Jennifer's brother Jonas and his newly acquired fiancee Nellie Gilmore for a long weekend at Walt Disney World, and various Hyatt properties in the Orlando area. Tristan was still sporting a very broken arm from his mishap of December 2008, but that didn't slow us down at all. We even got to meet up with Andy, Shelley, Alex, and Ella who were in Florida at the same time. How fortuitous!

In February, Zoe turned 9, and Tristan got his cast off and his pins out. You don't want to see that.

In March/April, we spent a few days at The Troxlers' house on Harkers Island.

J and Z

and it was soccer season for Tristan, once again

Sweat Machine

Zoe ran two more 5K races, one of them in Mebane


In May, Dave went to yet another OJR reunion, and scored a free pizza!
Say Cheese Pizza

We had our 4th Annual Pig Pickin' which looked remarkably similar to the three previous pig pickin's.

Tristan performed what would be his final concert with the Training Choir of the North Carolina Boys Choir

for two days after the concert, he received his promotion to the Concert Choir

Over the crazy summer, we hit the beach several times
Lift Me Up

Washington DC with Andy, Shelley, Alex, and Ella
Leaning on Canada

and the cabin in the Poconos with Tom, Jenni, Kayley, and Krista (and Andy, Alex, Ella, and Opa, and without Tristan, who was at choir camp in NC)
Big Red Riding Hood

We went white water rafting in Tennessee with Mebane Presbyterian Church
The Little Mermaid

School started: fifth grade for Tristan, and fourth for Zoe.

In October we drove to Mount Pleasant, Michigan to see Jonas and Nellie get married. Jennifer, Tristan, and Zoe were all in the wedding, and I got to play photographer.
More Curls on the Girl

Donnie and Marie

New Do

In October Tristan turned 11, and we went to the North Carolina State Fair (for the 9th consecutive year.)

In December, Zoe ran yet another 5K, and finished approximately third out of several hundred Girls on the Run.

and Tristan performed several Christmas concerts with the NCBC.
Major League

So that's the year in photos, up to the point the card was made in mid-December. You can find these and more at:


So Happy Hannukah, Happy Festivus, Merry Christmas, Happy Dave's 40th Birthday, and Happy New Year from the Traveling Roths: Dave, Jennifer, Tristan, and Zoe
Mebane, North Carolina
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