Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Traveling Roths on Tour

The Vortex, Little Five Points, Atlanta

The summer is a busy time for the Traveling Roths, mainly because 75% of us have the summer off.  So when you have that much time to get away and see the world, you make the most of it.  So here's how we're making the most of our Summer Vacation.



     We all got to spend a few days in our old homeland, catching up with old friends, visiting some of or old favorite places, and finding some new ones.  Some highlights (in a tag cloud-style) include: Blue Ridge Brewing, Historic West End, Canon Mitchell , Einstein Bros., Buckhead, Richard's Variety , Piedmont Park, Cafe Intermezzo, No Mas Cantina, Mia Morris,  Gavin Holmes, Taqueria del Sol, Peachtree City, Dave and Michelle Wenegar, Little Five Points , Donna Holt, Taqueria del Sol (again), Starlight Six Drive-In, U-Haul, Shelton Fireworks

      Jennifer and the kids got to spend a few days in Culpeper, Virginia with Jennifer's cousin Jeanine and her two kids.  From there it was up to Pennsylvania, and this is where it gets complicated.  Jennifer and Zoe left to see some friends and family while Tristan and Opa headed to Maryland on their way to Virginia and the start of Tristan's summer tour with the North Carolina Boys Choir.

North Carolina Boys Choir National Tour Series
     Tristan and the rest of the NCBC are on their national tour this week, and if you're lucky enough to be anywhere near where they are, stop and catch a show.  They're free, open to the public, and best of all, they are chock-full of musical excellence.  You should follow their travel blog every day.

     Saturday, June 25
          St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Annandale Virginia, 5pm

     Sunday, June 26
          St. Barnabas Episcopal Church, Annandale, Virginia, 10:15am
          Knowlwood Military Retirement Community, Washington, DC, 2:30pm

     Monday, June 27
          Grace Episcopal Church, Westwood, New Jersey, 7:30pm

     Tuesday, June 28
          St. Luke's Episcopal Church, Haworth, New Jersey, 7:30 pm

    We (all) plan on starting the month out up in Maryland with the extended Roth family, and then back to North Carolina for a few days to regroup before heading off for to California.  That's the "big" trip of the summer, and we're all really looking forward to it.  We're also planning another trip to Georgia to participate in a Match Game-themed 40th Birthday Party.

     For the first time ever, we're taking a trip with our Southside Swingers group up to Ohio, to hang out with our friends at their cottage on the lake, and finally make the pilgrimage to Cedar Point where at least two of us will really enjoy the roller coasters and other rides.

And then there's the beach.  Definitely need to get back to the beautiful beaches of North Carolina.

So check back here and see what we're up to.
Sunday, June 12, 2011

2011: The First Half

Since Facebook came about, I've been really, really remiss in updating my blog.  So in an effort to remedy that in one swell poop, here's 2011 so far, and hopefully, there will be more frequent posts as the year goes on.


Pretty much nothing happened.  Nothing I have any decent pictures of, anyway.  It was dark, cold, and the weather was probably foul.


I (Dave) went back to England for the third time in a year, spending an entire month of the last 12 outside the country.  Sure it's for work, but it's always fun too.
Parliament, AKA "Big Ben"

Terry and I among a huge crowd of people in London's Chinatown during the Chinese New Year celebration

Icebar, with Margaret, Jane, and Terry

Parliament and the River Thames, in fake tilt-shift, as seen from the London Eye


Jennifer and the kids went out to Albuquerque for Spring Break to see Uncle Jared, Aunt Julia, and Cousin Zane.

Zoe ran in the Dogwood 5K, yet again.


While Tristan was on tour with the North Carolina Boys Choir, the rest of us went to the beach at Emerald Isle and Salter Path.

We got to catch Tristan's NCBC concert at First Baptist Church in New Bern.

Zoe's award-wining Gator Show Choir performed their Spring Concert

And, of course, no May would be complete without our annual Pig Pickin'!

June . . . so far.

Tristan and the North Carolina Boys Choir, Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Training Choir and the brand new Girls Choir perform their annual spring concert at Duke Chapel

Zoe graduates from Fifth Grade, and heads to Middle School

And so the summer begins.  We're all headed to Georgia for a few days, Tristan heads out on his second national tour with NCBC, singing in Virginia, Washington DC, NYC and New Jersey while Jennifer and Zoe are in Pennsylvania.  We're all going to Andy and Shelley's for Independence Day and then in July we're headed to California.  We'll wrap up the summer with a trip to Huron, Ohio and Cedar Point with the Southside Swingers Club, plus there will probably be a few beach weekends between now and October.

Stay tuned, more travel, pictures, and words to follow.
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